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Thank you for taking a moment to review this packet. Perhaps you have never seriously considered taking advantage of a professional cleaning service. Or you may currently employ someone to clean your facilities. Regardless of your personal situation, the benefits of having a professional janitorial company are worth considering. Take a look at these proven advantages:

  • Improved employee morale, as workers can take pride in your clean, professional looking business.
  • Less worker sick time, due to carefully sanitized work environment
  • Fewer workman’s compensation claims, as tidy workplaces reduce the occurrence of accidents
  • Improved access to customers, increasing traffic to your business.

Over the last 30 years, Shay’s Inc. has earned a highly respected name in the Middle Tennessee area. As administrators of Shay’s, we have built our fine reputation by personally inspecting the quality of work that goes into each assignment with which we are entrusted. When Our cleaning team comes to your facility, they will be working under our administrative supervision. This ensures you are getting trustworthy, trained professionals who give 100% every visit. Though rare, we know accidents may happen: that is why Shay’s Inc. is fully insured and bonded, so that our customers may place their full confidence in us.

No two businesses are alike, and Shay’s Inc. would appreciate an opportunity to propose a free cleaning program estimate designed to fill your needs. We have remained successful in this competitive industry for 30 years now, so yo can trust us to provide superior service at a fair price. Again, thanks for taking a moment to review this information. We hope to hear from you soon!

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